So hi. *insert grandiose/dork-tastic wave here* [!!!]

This is my first post (…um, obviously), though I’ve had a blog before. It flopped. I think it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t have much to write about and felt pretty out of control in regards to my own life at the time, which translates, I guess. Anyway, ’twas a disaster with only three posts, all of which sounded as though I was manically depressed. I also like to blame it just a little on the theme I had. I mean, there are studies that show color affects mood, right? Which is why I chose a lighter theme this time around! Isn’t it pretty? I think so. It’s called “Albeo”… which I believe it will say at the bottom of the screen? Yes, I believe so.

Anyway, after I publish this post, I’m going to go work on my “About” page to answer any of your possible “Who the hell is this girl?!?!” questions. But for now, all you need to know is that I prefer “Josie” to “grinchiegirl”. ‘Kay? Thanks.

I don’t want this to be one of those super-awkward perfunctory introductory things. I hate keeping journals for the same exact reason! …Because I always feel compelled to write a “Hi, my name is…” type thing? Which is just so illogical, because obviously no one but me will be reading it! Or will they? Just kidding, pretty sure nobody else will — or at least they’d better not be! 😉 Another thing about me and journals and hopefully not this blog? I suck at keeping them. I always ge all excited and I’m like, “Woot yeah! Keeping a diary!” and then three months later, I’m like, “Well, you suck, Josie.” xD Same thing happened with my aforementioned last blog. However, this one is going to be different — I promise. Because this time, I have inspiration and lots of other things (which I don’t feel compelled to list, nor could I if you asked me to do so) that’ll help me keep a-truckin’. (Wow, Josie. Just, wow.) The only reason I can possibly even foresee me stopping this blog for, is if nobody reads it. Because I refuse to be some desperate blogger who types the phrase, “Am I right, guys?! Let’s discuss!” each day with more and more desperation until they finally accept that nobody finds their blog interesting enough to read. If you guys don’t want me, I don’t need you either! How’s that for confidence? 😛 (Oh shit. I’ve just broken the cardinal rule of persuasion… I’m pretty sure you’re not s’posed to offend your audience from that get-go? You’re supposed to give it some time before you start berating them? Just kidding, I don’t think I’m all that abrasive.) So I would to actually talk briefly about something of consequence before I make this my first official post. I wanna make a good impression on the blogging world, you know?!


What is the deal, I ask y’all, with the whole, “He’s a good guy, but…” thing, in which the “but” is succeeded by some wholly horrifying quality? Allow me to elaborate. Like, “He’s a good guy, BUT he hates black people.” Why do we trivialize racism like that? Or homophobia, or misogyny, or whatever kind of discrimination you wanna pop in there? On more than one occasion, I’ve been talking to someone about how desolute another person’s character is, and I’ll get,”Josie… You’re being too hard on him! He’s a really nice guy once you get past the whole racism thing…!” Why should we be “getting past” the whole “racism thing”? Why is that something we should overlook? The answer? It’s NOT. If someone is racist (or misogynistic, or homophobic, or whatever), then they’re not a “good person” with that one, “minor” thing about them, they’re a very bad person with maybe a couple of redeeming qualities (maybe). And I think a lot of times, the entire ability to even insert the “but” into the conversation stems from privilege. (I think about privilege a lot.) But seriously, if you’re white, or a guy, or straight, it’s a little easier to toss that “but” in there than if you’re black, or female, or gay.

Thoughts? I may post more on this tomorrow as well.

Okay, I still don’t feel okay with hitting the “Publish” button yet, because I want to dream up some cool item that I’ll squeeze in at the end of every blog entry, like how Kate over at Eat the Damn Cake (http://eatthedamncake.com/ — I don’t kno how to do the cool linking? Like where you say, “for more info, check this out,” and the “this” is blue and you click on it and follow the link? Anyone care to help me with that? I’d be really grateful.) does her Un-roasts. I’ve decided on a “One Thing That Makes Me Smile” feature:

OTTMMS: Thus far, this blog appears much easier to manage that CSS was. With the latter, I couldn’t figure out how to create new categories, pages, or tags, but here I’m rolling right along. 🙂 (I will also add a compulsory smiley face at the end of each “OTTMMS”.)

P.S. In the very near future, I would like to write a piece on the disturbing glamorization of poverty in the fashion industry, but I need to do a bit more homework on that first — just something for you all to look forward to possibly. Also, I am not opposed to your guys’ thoughts on this, nor will I ever be opposed to your guys’ thoughts on anything, because that would just be stupid and dictatorial of me. 😛 You’ll find that I critique/analyze the fashion industry a lot — you can’t blame me, though! There are just so many different fronts to call it out on: racial preference, feminism, consumerism, animal rights, exoticism (I always want to say “exotification” instead, but apparently it’s not the right word — go figure). Too, expect a Cosmocking sometime this month.

‘Kay, I’m done yammering now! If you’re reading this, I hope you’re enjoying my blog so far, and feel free to comment, thanks!

Cheerio! I’m off to make PaS’sS snow now! 😀


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